Young Boy Collects Thousand of Pounds of Food for People in Need

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It’s not uncommon for children to get involved in charity work. They might open a lemonade stand or sell candy in an attempt to fundraise and raise a little bit of money. Then there are the special children who find a way to go above and beyond for a cause that they hold near and dear to their hearts. One great example of this is Kalen Newton, a seven-year-old boy from Rockwall, Texas.

Not only did Kalen collect 13,000 pounds of food, he did it in just in just two weeks through “Mac & Cheese & Pancakes” his charitable organization. He’s an old man, at seven, compared to when he first had the idea to start a company with the goal of helping to feed the poor. His mother, Diana, said he first mentioned the idea to her at the tender age of four years old. Even then he and his parents were taking food from their own kitchen and taking it to the local food pantry to help him satisfy this desire to help others.

Many kids change from one passing interest to the next once they try something. This isn’t true of Kaden. Once he started taking food to the poor, he only wanted to do it more and more. His passion was fueled when he found out he had had the ability to help others. This led to him starting his charitable organization last year. This is all a pretty big feat for a someone who is just seven years old.

The company obviously had some meager beginnings but has seen some quick growth thanks to some attention that they have gotten in the media because Kaden realized there was something missing when it came to the foods that food pantries were collecting for people in need, foods that kids loved to eat. His goal then became to collect less “boring” foods that young kids like him would be excited about eating. Of course, he still wants them to be as healthy as possible. Being one of the only food collectors with this mission in mind has led to donations coming in at an increased rate.

Kids don’t want to eat the typical canned foods that people donate. They want to eat mac & cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and other things like that. Kaden’s efforts to gather these things got him so much attention in his local community that donations of these kid favorites came in at over 13,000 pounds in just two weeks. This more than Kaden could ever dream of when he first decided to start taking donations.

You have no excuse not to get active in your community and try to make a difference. If a young boy can make this much of an impact, anyone can do it. Take this example with you as you go into your daily life and think about how much of an effort you make to help people in your community that may be in need.


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