Tiffany Trump and Whoopi Goldberg–an American Melting Pot Story

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Poor Tiffany Trump! She was suddenly dragged into the spotlight when her father announced his run for President of the United States, and called upon to speak at the Republican National Convention before thousands of people, just days after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. She passed muster with her speech, describing her father as a man who never backs down from a challenge and wrote sweet notes on her report cards. Tiffany continued to be thrust into the spotlight as her father, surprising the world, actually won the election.


You would think that a daughter of the President of the United States would have it made, bu, because of the large numbers of enemies our current President has, and the numerous controversial decisions made in the early weeks of his presidency, it’s not always an easy life for the first kids. The President’s children are accused of using White House status to raise money; and their business ventures are raising conflict of interest questions. Tiffany, just barely out of college, is also suffering extraordinary scrutiny.

For example, at New York Fashion Week, a gathering attended by the elite in the fashion world, would you believe, no one wanted to sit by Tiffany Trump, the daughter of the head of the free world. Rather she was shunned as if she were an Amish kid who had plugged in an electrical appliance. They even snapped photos of empty seats around Tiffany for the world to see. Both journalists and fashion editors were eager to send pictures of the empty seats, not bothering to mention that they were filled rather quickly with members of the Phillip Plein family, which was sponsoring the fashion event. The show actually started late because of frantic, last-minute seat changes. Because the participants in this event are, for the most part, liberal Democrats who despise Donald Trump, she was not a welcomed guest. Guess who came to the rescue—the famous, the controversial—the successful actress and talk show host, the Hollywood weirdo, Whoopi Goldberg.

“I’ll sit with you”, Whoopie gracefully announced. In a session of the television talk show, The View, Whoopi said, “Shame on Elle magazine fashion editors for tweeting that they changed their seats at the show so they wouldn’t be seen sitting with Tiffany.” The View’s hosts agreed that the Elle editors, and others, were exhibiting “mean girl, bullying” traits by treating Tiffany as an outcast.
Although Whoopi has not been silent about her disapproval of many of President Trump’s recent decisions (she had even threatened to leave the United States if Trump was elected), she was determined to express her concerns about the way Tiffany was treated. “It’s not politics”, she said, “ Tiffany is just trying to enjoy a fashion show.” She did, however, add a caveat. Whoopi said, “I don’t wanta talk about your dad.” Nevertheless, Tiffany Trump did graciously respond to Whoopi’s kind words, tweeting, “I would love to sit with you.”


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