This Realtor-Sister Duo Uncovered a Piece of History After Helping A 96-Year-Old Woman Sell Her Home!

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In the real estate industry, you never know what kind of home you are about to step into. Gladys and Carla Spizzirri were sisters and realtors who had made a habit out of working on larger projects together. When they received a call from an elderly woman named Joyce, they were instantly intrigued. Joyce was 96-years-old and she was ready to sell the home she had owned her entire life. 

Keep on reading to find out what Gladys and Carla Spizzirri uncovered when Joyce invited them into her home!

Welcome to Toronto

Our story begins in the great city of Toronto. Toronto is now considered an international destination thanks to its large and diverse population. The city itself is home to more than 2.7 million people and is considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet. Home to a thriving business and finance sector, Toronto is different today than it was when it was first founded in 1793

A Street Like Any Other

In the real estate industry, everybody knows that location is key. When Joyce had purchased her home on 148 Jane Street, the area had been quaint and largely residential. Keep in mind, Joyce had purchased the home in the 50s and the neighborhood had changed dramatically. No longer a street ‘like any other’, 148 Jane Street was located in a thriving and chic community.

When purchasing a property, always consider what the area may look like in the future!

Meet the Realtor Sisters

Working in real estate can be as exciting and unique a job as you could want. Gladys and Carla Spizzirri were sisters who both had become fascinated by the industry. To maximize the outcome of their efforts, Gladys and Carla would agree to work together on larger projects. When Gladys was contacted by Joyce to represent Jane Street, she knew that Carla would be a major help.

Though they had been in the industry for over a decade, the Spizzirri sisters weren’t prepared for what they found!

Introducing the Protagonist, Joyce

Carla and Gladys were working when they received a call from a kind elderly woman named Joyce. Joyce explained that she had owned the property on 148 Jane Street since the 50s and that now she was ready to sell it. Joyce revealed that her husband had passed away and that she was ready to move to Florida to be with her family in the United States.

Joyce was ready to sell, or so she said. Carla heard something more in her voice, but what could it mean?

Moving Forward With an Estimate

While Joyce had vocally agreed to sell the home, Carla and Gladys were anything but convinced. As realtors with years of experience selling homes and working with property owners, they had trained their ears to listen for potential problems. Joyce had sounded like she was still in love with the home. Was she truly ready to sell/

If Joyce wasn’t ready to sell, what inside of the home was stopping her?

The Big Day Arrives

Even though Joyce had set off some warning flags for the Spizzirri sisters, they still managed to move forward with scheduling an estimate. To get a real estimate for the home, the realtors would need to photograph the entire property. Finally, the big day had arrived. After waiting in anticipation, the Spizzirri sisters were ready to get inside of 148 Jane Street.

What in the world was waiting for Carla and Gladys inside of Jane Street?

Forecasting a Nightmare

You don’t have to be a professional realtor to know that older homes can present unique challenges. Carla and Gladys were afraid that the home might be lacking in updates or even brimming with hidden issues. After all, Joyce had owned the home since the 50s and for all they knew, the property was exactly as it had been purchased.

Carla and Gladys never could have guessed what came next.

Stepping Into the Past

148 Jane Street may not look like much from the outside, but stepping into the foyer meant going back in time! Carla and Gladys had their breath taken away as they stepped past the threshold of the front door. Not only was the foyer immaculate, but it was also richly decorated and brimming with antiques.

Joyce had invited her realtors into a living time capsule.

Each Room Painted a Beautiful Scene

As the realtors began walking through the home, they were increasingly blown away by what they were seeing. Not only had Joyce taken immaculate care of her household, but she had also carefully curated a collection of antiques to design each room with. This home was a living time capsule and each photo made that fact evident.

Joyce Regales the Realtors With Her Story

As Gladys and Carla took photographs, Joyce began to share her story. She told the realtors of purchasing the home alongside her husband as a wedding gift. She described how they had settled into the property before making it their own unique space. During this story, Joyce revealed that she had owned the home for over 70 years!

As the story grew more detailed, so too did Joyce’s emotion.

Honoring Her Late Husband’s Memory

Joyce eventually led Gladys and Carla to the basement where her late husband’s den had been erected. In exchange for the basement, Joyce’s husband had offered to let Joyce do whatever she liked with the rest of the home. After his passing, Joyce decided to leave the den exactly as it was when her husband had last been there.

Dreaming of Becoming a Designer

Carla and Gladys could tell that Joyce was emotional, but the positivity in her voice inspired them. Joyce revealed that she had dreamed of working as an interior designer as a child. While she never got the chance to pursue her dream, Joyce’s husband had implored her to use the household as the medium for her design work.

An Inspection Awaits

Even if Gladys and Carla were touched by Joyce’s story, they knew that the property still needed to pass an inspection. Unfortunately, older homes that look promising can end up off the market due to expensive mandatory updates. Gladys and Carla crossed their fingers but their worry would be for naught. The home had passed with flying colors.

Getting the Listing Online

Now it was time for the Spizzirri sisters to get 148 Jane Street online. Gladys and Carla knew that if they could get their listing in front of enough eyes, the natural charm of the time-capsule home would be enough to pull a buyer in. What’s more, 148 Jane Street had appraised for just under $1 million! Joyce was looking at quite the retirement payout!

The Internet Comes to the Rescue

As it always does, the internet came to the rescue. Joyce’s listing went viral almost immediately as viewers around the world fell in love with the classic home. It was clear to all that Joyce’s passion for the property had manifested visibly. Thousands of views would begin to pour in and, before long, appointments for showings would follow.

The House is a Living Antique

One of the most impressive aspects of the home on Jane Street was how it had been decorated. Joyce had left decorations up from throughout her life. At 96-years-old, this meant that the home had been brimming with expensive and rare antiques. Joyce was sitting on a fortune, though those antiques also represented important memories.

Joyce would decide to keep her antiques to pass them along to her family.

Key Updates Were Added Along the Way

As buyers began to get increasingly serious, the Spizzirri sisters were glad to report that the home had undergone extensive renovations. While the building had been built in the 40s, it had also been renovated in the ’60s and again just recently. The home had updated kitchen appliances and even a laundry room!

Planning For Retirement the Right Way

Joyce revealed that she had been angling to retire for a long time, but she had to find the courage to sell her home at 148 Jane Street. Joyce was planning on moving to a retirement community in Florida that was located near the rest of her living family members. If the home sold, Joyce would be ready to leave with a check in hand.

Location Helps Make A Quick Sale Possible

Joyce’s home had been nestled in the Old Mill neighborhood in Toronto. Over the years, this area had experienced a complete economic transformation. What was once a simple residential area had blossomed into a trendy neighborhood brimming with restaurants, boutique shops, and small businesses.

Joyce and 148 Jane Street

Thankfully, Joyce was able to sell the home almost immediately after listing the property. With her retirement funds, Joyce was able to relocate at her convenience to live closer to her family. In the wake of the sale, we have to ask — would you have sold a family home with that much history?


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