Students Find Used Couch, Reveal Stunning Discovery Beneath ‘Uncomfortable’ Cushion!

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Purchasing furniture from a second-hand source can be as exciting as it is affordable. After all, when you purchase used furniture, you never know what you are going to get! Some people walk away with fleas after bringing home a used couch while others get a serviceable piece of furniture at a discounted price. With that being said, nobody could have predicted what three college students from New York would find inside of their used couch.

Keep on reading to find out what hidden treasures students would find inside of their ‘uncomfortable’ used couch!

Friends, Roommates, and Treasure Hunters

When you are a broke college student, you don’t really care where you find your furniture. While Ikea would be great, dumpster diving is always an option. For three friends and roommates in New Paltz, New York, finding a couch for their household would prove to be the most fruitful quest of their life.

What was to come for students Reese Werkhoven, Cally Guasti, and Lara Russo?

Searching Through the Bargain Bin

To get a couch fit for games, movies, and college parties, you have to go where all abandoned couches go… the Salvation Army. Heading to the famous thrift store would bear serious fruit for Reese, Cally, and Lara. After poking around the budget section which consisted of busted tables and worn down couches, the crew would finally find a couch that was, if not comfortable, the most visibly representative of what a couch should look like.

Making An Outdoor Discovery

After carefully measuring the couch, the college students would throw down a crumpled $20 for the right to take it home. While the couch was far from a ‘looker’, it certainly was in decent shape when compared to the other options available to them. 

Who knew that buying an old couch would lead to such a grand adventure?

An Uncomfortable Initial Experience

After lugging the misshapen couch home and up the stairs to their apartment, the three roommates would come to an unsatisfying conclusion — the couch was uncomfortable! No matter how much the three students shifted, their beat-up couch just didn’t have much to offer.

Something Feels Different

Despite how uncomfortable the couch was, the students decided to stick with it. After all, the couch was already in their room and it was mostly clean. A month would go by before the trio would think to look into why their couch was so uncomfortable.

What did the friends uncover that would change their lives?

Unveiling a Trove of Hidden Treasure

After complaining about a lump in the cushion, Reese decided to investigate the zipper on the couch. A cursory inspection would reveal that there was something inside of the couch. Within a moment of digging, Reese would unveil a collection of bubble-wrapped containers! 

Modern Day Pirate’s Treasure

Inside of the meticulously packaged bubblewrap, the students would find the shock of a lifetime! Instead of finding old remote controls, Reese and the group would find $5,000 in cash in the first package. Who knew how much more was stowed away in the rest of the bubble-wrapped packages!?

A Month Seated Atop a Treasure Trove

As the realization hit them, the college students couldn’t help but laugh in delight and wonder. They had been sitting on top of a proverbial treasure trove for over a month! Envelope after envelope, Reese, Cally, and Lara would unveil untold stacks of cash. Each taped stack featured only $50 and $100 bills.

Where did this money come from?

What to Do With the Cash?

After spending the better part of a night counting the money, the students would total a sum of $41,000 in cash. By this point in time, the students were clearly out of their minds with excitement. As broke college students who had been dumpster diving a month ago, they never could have seen this kind of fortune coming their way!

An Item Goes Overlooked

While the kids were celebrating what they would purchase with their share, one of the students kept digging around the couch. Cally did another search through the couch only to unveil an envelope with a piece of paper tucked away inside of it.

Was this the secret ingredient that their treasure hunt needed?

Getting a Second Opinion

After analyzing the paper for a moment, Cally would realize that she was staring at a deposit slip. At the time of their initial discovery, Cally and her friends had completely overlooked this paper.

On the deposit slip, Cally found a name. Surely, this was the owner of the cash that they had found!

Reaching the Original Owner

Knowing that the money could be linked to nefarious endeavors, potentially even related to crime, Cally, Reese, and Lara knew that they couldn’t just ignore the slip. Instead, Lara would reach out to her mother to track down the name on the slip. Before long, the students had a name and a phone number. 

Would the students actually call the original owner of the cash? Or would they keep it for themselves?!

Making a Momentous Meeting

Ultimately, Lara decided to call the name on the deposit slip. After phoning the number, an elderly woman would sharply answer on the other end of the line. While the woman had been surprised about Lara’s discovery, she wasn’t altogether, well, appreciative.

Why was this woman so nonchalant about $41k in missing money?

Unveiling a Heartbreaking Story

After talking amongst themselves, the students finally decided that they would meet the lady at her home. The students would settle on a time and before long, they were driving to an elderly woman’s house with $41k in cash in their car. A short while later, the students would learn the heartbreaking story behind the stowed away money.

Token From a Widow

While the students had inwardly been worried that they were being catfished by a criminal, their concerns dissipated all but immediately. They knocked on the door only to be greeted by the elderly woman as well as her daughter and little granddaughter. The students would sit across from the elderly woman as she regaled a story of saving money in the couch for more than 30 years, saving money that her husband had been sending to her before he had passed away.

The grandmother would ultimately lose track of the couch after undergoing back surgery. Her daughter would throw the couch out, thinking it nothing but old furniture.

A Handsome Reward

While the students did not ask for any money, nor did they expect a return, the grandmother was touched by their efforts. To pay them back for their efforts, she would withdraw $1k in cash from her savings to pay each student. The grandmother was beyond appreciative and the students were all too happy to take a well-earned paycheck.

Making Lifelong Friends

The students clearly had no ulterior motives when they had met the elderly woman and her family. Due to the power of kindness, the students would appreciatively take their gift while promising to stay in touch with the family. Since then, the students have kept in contact with the grandmother, though we assume they haven’t traded couches again!

An Improbable Saga Concludes

Now that we know how this improbable story played out, how would you have reacted if you were in the same situation? If you were the students, would you have brought the money back to its original owner? If you were the grandmother, would you have paid the students a reward for their altruistic efforts?


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