Sharks, Taco Bell & The Empty Room – One Wild Bucket List

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Sharks, Taco Bell & The Empty Room – One Wild Bucket List
The 2007 movie “The Bucket List” inspired a new approach to writing down ideas to accomplish before dying. Then, Twitter came along and made it even more exciting to read a wish list of someone you will never meet.
And then there is the Bucket List of an 11-year-old girl in Texas. Jesse Magpantay has decades of life ahead of her, but she has already made a list of things to do in life.

At the top of her list? Eating a hammerhead shark. The problem is that would likely get Jesse in a lot of trouble since hammerhead sharks are considered protected species because of over-fishing.

How about eating Taco Bell? That’s more like it. Specifically, Jesse wants to eat Taco Bell’s Dorito tacos. And not just one, but 10 of them. And, enter a Dorito taco eating contest. That’s quite ambitious. But, Taco Bell loved the idea and reached out to Jesse’s brother, who posted the list on Twitter.

If Eating Is Not Your Thing
Perhaps food is not worthy of being included on a Bucket List. How about something more adventurous and daring? Jesse came up with two good ones.
The first is sitting in an empty room for an hour. That sounds impossible for anyone in our culture where a smartphone is virtually attached to our hand. And, teenagers seem to have zero attention span because there is always media to consume. Fortunately, Jesse is not quite a teenager, so maybe she can pull this off.

If she cannot check that item off the list, there is the super-ambitious task sleeping for 24 hours. Is that even possible? Apparently only if you have a disorder. According to the American Sleep Association (ASA), this is called non-24 Hour Sleep Wake Syndrome. Ouch.

To pull off this feat, you need to develop a 72-hour cycle. This consists of staying awake for 48 straight hours, then sleeping for 24 straight hours “as a regular sleeping pattern.” In other words, you cannot binge on your favorite TV show Friday and Saturday without rest, then crash all day Sunday. It’s a lifestyle choice to make this happen. So, Jesse would need to spend her entire summer implementing the 72-hour sleep cycle. Her parents might not think it’s a good idea.

Hey Wait, What’s #10?
Set aside the hammerhead sharks, Taco Bell, and Empty Room. The list finishes with a blank line for #10.

Did Jesse not finish her Bucket List before her brother took the list and blasted it on Twitter? Maybe she was in the Empty Room contemplating the final, most amazing item to include. We may never know unless Jesse completes the list and posts an update herself. But, based on items 1-9, it’s apparent that #10 will be amazing and fantastical. That’s the mark of a great Bucket List.


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