Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Faced These STUNNING Consequences Since Leaving the Royal Family.

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Harry and Meghan have been two of the most famous members of the Royal Family since they first began dating. Their unconventional romance coupled with their affinity for pop-culture made them at once accessible and easy to romanticize. After the heights of the Royal Wedding, Harry and Meghan are now on the outs with their family. After deciding to move to Canada in order to separate from their duties in the family, consequences have been raining down.

Today, we are going to highlight a few of the very real repercussions that Prince Harry has faced since departing from the Royal Family.

Barred From Wearing Military Uniform at Royal Events

While the time that Harry spent serving in the military cannot be stripped from his record, he certainly won’t be allowed to wear his uniform at-will! As it turns out, since stepping down from his position, Harry is now barred from wearing his military uniform at any and all events. Instead, Prince Harry will have to wear civilian clothing, though he is allowed to have his medals.

Forfeiture of HRH Titles

As Harry is no longer a working member of the Royal Family, both Harry and Meghan will have to surrender their titles of nobility. What does this mean from a more practical perspective? Harry should no longer be addressed as His Royal Highness, a title that the former Royal held with him from birth. 

Retaining Certain Titles

Even though Harry and Meghan were stripped of their HRH titles, a huge label, that didn’t mean that the former Royal Couple lost everything. Harry and Meghan still maintain possession of their Duke and Duchess labels. Unfortunately, Archie does not have any claim to a noble title — a choice deliberately made by Harry and Meghan. Can you imagine that conversation in twenty years?

Loss of Key Branding

Even if Harry and Meghan didn’t care much for their royal titles, losing the branding rights to ‘Sussex Royal’ has to hurt. Ever since their relationship became official, Harry and Meghan have marketed themselves under the Sussex Royal brand — a name used on their Instagram and official website.

Loss of Non-Profit Branding

No longer allowed to market themselves as the Sussex Royals, Harry and Meghan have since been forced to rename the non-profit foundation that they had been establishing. The Sussex Royal Foundation is now undergoing a name change before it will be launched at some point this Spring.

Foregoing Official Duties

Originally, Harry and Meghan had decided that they wanted to work as Royals only part-time while. The former Duke and Duchess of Sussex had wanted to be a part of the family while still spreading their own wings, a decision that was not taken to kindly by the royal family. Instead of taking on a limited form of their royal obligations, Harry and Meghan are completely cut out.

Forced to Undergo Review

While Harry and Meghan have done their best not to make waves for the Royal Family, their sudden departure would cause quite the rift. After leaving the Royal Family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be placed under a 12-month review period. Can you imagine getting pink-slipped by the Royal Family?!

Burning Bridges With the Royal Family

Meghan and Harry departing from the Royal Family would cause a larger problem than they anticipated. After pointing out via their official website that other Royal Family members have pursued additional work, a source would speak to The Mirror claiming that the comments further ostracized Harry and Meghan from their family. Another bridge was burned.

Hurting Prince William

Even though it is easy to see the Royal Family as larger-than-life figures, they still very much are real people. When Harry and Meghan split from the Royal Family, it created a serious wound between Harry and his brother, William. William did not take this news lightly, as evidenced by the sparse but emotional words he’s shared since the news broke.

Senior Status in the Royal Family

When January 8th rolled around, the world wasn’t ready for what the Royal Family had to say. A statement released cryptically and unconventionally through Instagram would say, “We intend to step back as senior members of the royal family and work to become financially independent” as well as continuing their support of “Her Majesty The Queen.”

Comfortable Life at Home

Making the decision to move to Canada wasn’t easy for Harry and Meghan. As we’ve outlined above, Harry and Meghan had to surrender quite a lot in order to depart from the Royal Family. Included in their loss was stable life at home near the Royal Family. Meghan and Harry now spend time hopping between North America and Britain, which leads to our next issue…

Loss of Met Police Security Detail

According to a report by The Telegraph, moving to Canada will cause serious issues with Harry and Meghan’s security detail. The MET Police will clearly not be allowed to operate without impunity in Canada as they are visitors from a foreign nation. As a result, Canada will be asked to provide security in return for billing the Royal Family. This means that Harry and Meghan will be without the security team they’ve known for so long.

Paying Back Building Fees

While losing your security detail can sting, paying back building fees for a home you don’t live in must feel even worse. According to a report by the aforementioned The Telegraph, Harry and Meghan will be paying back British taxpayers for all of the money paid out to renovate Frogmore Cottage.

There Is Relief to Come

While Harry and Meghan have lost quite a bit through their decision to step back from the Royal Family, they haven’t completely cut ties with their old life. According to an unnamed source in The Telegraph, Harry’s father, Prince Charles, would continue to provide for both Harry and Meghan through financial support. The money is purported to be coming from Charles’ private account, not that of the Duchy of Cornwall.

Sacrificing Royal Funding

Even though reports state that Prince Charles is going to support his family in Canada, these aren’t confirmed by anyone. What we do know is that by stepping down from the Royal Family, Harry and Meghan effectively sacrificed every cent of their claim to royal funds. Being entitled to a royal treasure trove before giving it all up, can you imagine?

Key Positions in the Armed Forces

Back to more essential sacrifices, Harry would personally give up a trio of titular positions in the armed forces. The loss of these three titles was seen as both controversial and accepted. According to unnamed members of the Royal Navy, specific figures in the military were unhappy and had concerns surrounding a ‘part-timer’ holding such an imperative position.

Giving Up Familial Trust

Perhaps the biggest loss of all for Harry and Meghan is the trust that they shared with their royal family members. According to a report shared by Jonny Dymond of the BBC, “no other member of the royal family was consulted” before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex departed from the royal family. 

What’s Next For Harry and Meghan

While Harry and Meghan are looking forward to their new life, there are serious concerns about the future. The Queen is, according to The Sun, “deeply upset”.  Kate was also deeply upset as the announcement that Harry and Meghan shared had occurred one day prior to Kate’s birthday.

Where do you see Harry and Meghan a year from now?


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