CrossFit Dad Works Out with a Medicine Ball Strapped to His Belly to Support Pregnant Wife

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Recently, in a show of the utmost support for his 37-week pregnant wife, a man taped a 14-pound medicine ball to his stomach during his intense workout.

Though the end result of pregnancy is amazing- a beautiful bouncing little baby is worth the struggles- the journey can be extremely exhaustive. Morning sickness (which usually is extended far into the daytime), mood changes (which tend to occur on a dime), and stretch marks (which can feel so alluring during a time when she’s already feeling down about her looks) are some of the “joyous” side effects. Physically, a soon-to-be-mom is appropriately tired, and who can blame her, carrying that huge weighted ball of a belly everywhere?

Blake Milchuck set out to understand his wife’s constant uncomfortableness by strapping a 14-pound medicine ball to his stomach while participating in his CrossFit workout. A video of the future-daddy was posted to Instagram by his gym, CrossFit Krypton in Chesapeake, Virginia, and it instantly garnered 18.2K views. The viral video shows Milchuck’s solidarity with pregnant women everywhere, especially his wife, who, at 37-weeks pregnant, was still keeping up with her training.

Milchuck, in an interview with ForTheWin on USA Today says “It was just something that we had been talking about at the gym and [thought] it would be funny to do.” Funny, indeed, but also more poignant than he had originally thought it would be.

When Milchuck takes to the bicycle during his workout routine, a watcher of his video can actually feel the struggle. The look of strain on his face is palpable.

For those unfamiliar with CrossFit, the exercise program is a high-intensity routine performed in 20 minutes. Borrowing from many different sports, a typical CrossFit routine can burn up to 261 calories. The exercises themselves are difficult enough, but carrying around a heavy weight makes it much more so! “Obviously I understand taping a 14-pound med ball is not in comparison to what she’s done in carrying the baby for the past 37 weeks,” the dad-to-be acknowledged.

The message is clear: women are expected to balance the activities of daily living- both at work and at home (and, as in this case, at the gym)- with pregnancy’s bodily demands, but it can be a hard endeavor! This viral video shows what pregnant women struggle with 24 hours a day. A little commendation for their everyday-effort is nice once in a while.

So, fellas, please be sure to praise the magnificent pregnant ladies in your life, whether they are your wife, your sister, or your co-worker, because their strength, fortitude, and vitality are what makes the world go ‘round.


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