Armed For Combat: These DANGEROUS Animals Will Have You Second Guessing Going Outside!

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The world that we share is as fascinating as it is dangerous. From disease to automotive accidents, it seems like the world is out to get us. Far beyond the comforts of our settled cities and homes, a different sort of danger lurks. In our journey today, we are going to take you to visit some of the most dangerous and wondrous creatures on the planet. 

Whether you love animals or just a good thrill, keep on reading to find out about 18 armed and dangerous animals that will have you second-guessing going outside!

African Leopard

Let’s start our journey through the wild world of the animal kingdom by navigating to Africa. Africa is home to a great many creatures on our list, including the majestic African Leopard. African Leopards are as adorable as they are agile and dangerous. Possessed with intense reserves of strength, African Leopards can take down an antelope or giraffe before hauling the corpse into a tree.


Silly looking birds can’t be that dangerous, right? Not exactly. The Cassowary is widely considered to be the most dangerous and deadly bird on the planet. With massive talons and strong legs, it only takes one encounter for a Cassowary to take your life. 

Thankfully the Cassowary is large and brightly colored, making it easy to avoid unlike the next creature on our list.

Brazillian Wandering Spider

House spiders are largely misunderstood creatures that are fantastic at limiting infestations. Brazillian Wandering Spiders? Yeah, they earned their reputation. A bite from a Brazillian Wandering Spider should be followed by a phone call to the one you love most because extreme pain and potentially death is looming around the corner. Along the way to the grave, you’ll experience heart issues, convulsions, hypothermia and, for men, an erection that stays with you until you expire.

While the Brazillian Wandering Spider is horrifying, this next critter is almost majestic!

Frilled Shark

The Frilled Shark looks like a reject from the Pokemon video games. However, this creature is very much alive in deep blue waters around the ocean. Frilled sharks are great hunters and their sharp trident-shaped teeth can hook and drag prey to the depths.

Golden Dart Frog

A common rule of thumb for animal lovers: if the creature is brightly colored, get the heck out of there. The Golden Dart Frog may not look intimidating, but its skin is coated with poison so lethal that it could kill a dozen grown men. Do not touch a Golden Dart Frog. In fact, if you see one, run in the opposite direction. They are the size of a small paperclip and can be found throughout Colombia’s Pacific Coast.

Portuguese Man O’War

The depths of the ocean are home to a great number of dangerous creatures including the Portuguese Man O’War. Named after the legendary seafaring vessel, the Portuguese Man O’War is considered a siphonophore. Beautiful to look at but incredibly deadly, the venom inside this creature will leave you feverish, in shock, and eventually dead.

Deathstalker Scorpion

Seemingly named after an NPC in World of Warcraft, the Deathstalker Scorpion can be found throughout North Africa as well as the Middle East. The Deathstalker Scorpion contributes to more than 75% of scorpion-linked deaths. Kids are far more at risk to these critters when compared to adults.

Blue-Ringed Octopus

The Blue-Ringed Octopus is as lovely to look at as it is dangerous. This trippy looking creature of the sea can release a neurotoxin that paralyzes your respiratory system, thus leaving you to die by asphyxiation. That would be one heck of a way to drown, right?

Black Mamba

The Black Mamba is an iconic member of the snake family. Nestled in Africa, the mamba is the source of many legends throughout the area. Incredibly aggressive and easy to provoke, these fast snakes will end your life before you realize that you misplaced your boot.

Long story short, unless you hear someone shout ‘Kobe’, always avoid Black Mambas.


While the stonefish may not look like much, this weird little creature can cause quite a bit of damage when it wants to. The Stonefish likes to lay on the floor of the ocean while it waits for prey to wander by. Once prey is in range, the stonefish unleashes neurotoxins from its glands to protect itself. The spine of the stonefish is also dangerous as it can sever your leg and take your life.

Did you know that stonefish can survive out of the water for a full 24 hours?

Saltwater Crocodile

If there’s any creature on this list that worries us the most, it is the saltwater crocodile. Why? That’s a great question. The closer an animal gets to its dinosaur roots, the more scared we get. The saltwater croc is fast on both land and in water. These creatures can hide right in front of your very eyes before bursting forth to unveil the strongest bite in the entire animal kingdom.

Tarantula Hawk

There are two dangerous creatures in this picture, so let’s highlight the flying insect on the right — the Tarantula Hawk. This special wasp feeds on tarantulas thanks to its two-inch length and powerful stingers that possess paralyzing toxins. When a Tarantula Hawk captures a spider, it drags the live spider back to its nest where it will insert a hatching egg into its chest. What comes next is about as unpleasant as you could imagine.

Bullet Ant

Meet the ant so dangerous that scientists had to put ‘bullet’ in front of the name! We are only kidding, sort of. Bullet Ants were named after the tremendous amount of pain that their bite causes, equivalent to feeling like you have been shot with a gun. Bullet ants cause paralysis through toxins sent directly to your nervous system.

Our advice? Avoid any rainforest in South America if you value your life!

Great White Shark

As an apex predator in one of the most dangerous environments in the known world, Great White Sharks definitely belong on our list. We don’t need to watch Jaws to know that these ancient predators could tear us apart. While Great White Sharks aren’t intrinsically common, we owe that to the vastness of the ocean more than their inability to render great harm.

African Elephant

While the elephant is largely treated like an animal of immense wisdom and kindness in film, the real-life African Elephant is as dangerous as anything else on our list. These beautiful and majestic creatures can trample rhinoceros to death before erasing an entire village with its same tremendous power.

Box Jellyfish

Ugh, back in the ocean again?! The Box Jellyfish may not look as scary as a Great White Shark, but it will kill you all the same. Also known as Sea Wasps, Box Jellyfish are killer creatures that hunt smaller prey. Even though they aren’t natural man killers, Box Jellyfish can kill any living creature with their toxins. Watch where you place your feet the next time you head to the beach!


While ostensibly awkward and funny to look at, the hippopotamus is a truly horrifying creature to encounter in the wild. Prone to aggression and known to attack humans, hippos are among the most dangerous creatures in all of Africa. If you don’t believe us, head to YouTube and look up Hippo Charges in the water. You’ll never see these jiggly animals the same again.

Human Beings

If we are being fair to the most dangerous animals on the planet, we have to include ourselves! Human beings have survived every hurdle set before them to conquer the planet and even head to space. Despite our seemingly advanced intellect, we can’t stop hurting the planet as well as one another. Roughly 475k humans die each year at the hands of other humans.


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