5th Graders Scream In Joy As Teacher Proposes in Front of Class

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It was the question heard around the school!
It was the perfect combination of science and math. 5th Graders at Harry Russell Elementary School in West Carrollton, Ohio were witness to a Valentine’s Day surprise that clearly made them all happy. Some of the children had been suspicious that Mr. Jason Seifert, their science teacher, and Miss Ally Barker, their math teacher were dating. Some of the students said that they had played Facebook detective or had heard the rumors. In the ABC News video which has gone viral, Seibert employs the assistance of Kristine Gillespie, another 5th Grade teacher at Harry Russell, to record the moment when he broke the news to the class.

Seibert first brings up the topic standing in the front of the class about the rumor. He mentioned that a few of the students had even come to him during recess to ask if it were true. So he told the students that he was there to ‘address’ the rumor. “The answer is, yes, we are dating…” The students all screamed in delight! After finally getting them to calm down so he could complete his statement, he continued to the big surprise moment. He followed with, “we are a little bit more than dating”…which brought on a new round of excitement. Baker stood by blushing, but clearly not knowing where his statement was heading. The third wave came as he professed his love for Barker, whose face by this time was almost cherry red with a huge smile. After each part of his statement, it took Seibert a little longer to harness the excitement of the students. He had the best poker face ever because it was hard to read what he would say next. As he presented his question on bended knee, it was impossible to contain the excitement in the room. The class sealed the deal by rushing the couple for a huge group hug. Miss Barker For people was completely surprised by the proposal. For people that love a happy ending, this is the feel-good story of the year.

Proposals can be so elaborate these days, often involving big screens, group videos, or other wide gestures that make the moment a one kind event for a once in a lifetime question. Seifert took a perfect approach that fit the moment but also celebrated their love for education. The couple met and became friends as colleagues at Harry Russell. Seifert is a 17-year educator and Barker has been a teacher for two years. They have approximately 100 students that they teach together. As their friendship grew into a more intimate relationship, the couple were open with their principal so that they could maintain a professional work relationship with the team. They look forward to a fall wedding this year to begin that new life as husband and wife.


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