18 Facts About Our World That You Just WON’T Believe!

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We live in a fascinating world that is brimming with wonder and splendor. Thanks to the internet, we’ve never been more clued into what is going on around the planet. Thanks to bored people from coast-to-coast, we’ve managed to put together a list of the craziest and zaniest facts about our world. Trust us when we say this, you won’t believe everything you read on this list — but everything is true!

Keep on reading to learn 18 facts about our world that you just won’t believe!

Roller Coasters Were Designed as a Distraction

Who doesn’t love a good roller coaster? The thrill of the ride coupled with screams of joy from your fellow riders, nothing can beat it! When roller coasters were first invented in the 1880s, they had been designed as a clean form of fun to pull people from the more ‘immoral places’ in New York. 

Who knew that riding roller coasters was invented to combat saloons and brothels? 

Fruit Loops Are ALL The Same Flavor

If you had a favorite Froot Loop flavor, we’ve got some bad news for you. According to our research, there are no flavor differences between one Froot Loop and the next! As it turns out, the flavor of Froot Loops isn’t tied to the color of the cereal and our brains trick us into thinking there are differences. We still want all of the red ones, though.

Say, “Prunes!”

Long before we proudly shouted ‘cheese’ for our family photo, others were shouting ‘prunes’! In the 1840s, photography subjects were coached to say ‘prunes’ in order to keep their mouth tight and trim for the picture. It’s crazy to think that the first selfie happened almost 200 years ago!

Someone Will Lose Their Sunglasses Every 14 Seconds!

This might be hard to believe but we promise it is true! One pair of sunglasses gets lost somewhere in the world every 14 seconds. While most of these sunglasses are probably of the cheaper variety, can you imagine losing your favorite pair of Gucci or Versace rims?

McDonald’s Serves Spaghetti!

By this point in time, you probably aren’t surprised to learn that McDonald’s serves different dishes around the world. If you spend some time in the Philippines, you’ll get the chance to order your favorite Spaghetti dish from Ronald McDonald. We’re not sure how good it is, but we’re here for it either way.

Public Pools Contain An Average of 20 Gallons of Urine

The next time that you consider diving into the local swimming pool, perhaps you should think twice before making that leap. Did you know that nearly 20% of adults have admitted to urinating in the pool? According to other research studies, the average swimming pool will contain nearly 20 gallons of urine.

Lobsters Taste With Their Feet

Lobsters are delicious and fascinating creatures, but boy are they a little weird. Lobsters apparently taste their surroundings through their feet. It’s true! Lobsters have pincers that are covered in tiny bristles, akin to human taste buds. The teeth of lobster fit into any one of their three stomachs. Yeah, lobsters are odd.

You Can’t Hum and Hold Your Nose

Try humming. Now try humming while you hold your nose. Can’t do it, right? Go ahead, you can try all day but it just won’t work! In order to create the familiar humming sound we are used to, air must be able to escape through your nose – something obviously impossible when your nose is plugged.

We Have Way More Than 5 Senses

When you think of your core senses, what ones come to mind? While we know about our key senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) they are far from the only ones that we possess. The five senses that we most commonly note are related to how we portray them with our faces. Other senses include the proprioceptive and vestibular systems.

Your Tongue Print Is COMPLETELY Unique

You may already know that your fingerprint is unique but did you know that your tongue is also as unique as you are? A study reportedly found that tongue prints are equally as unique as our fingerprints. While we don’t foresee police officers asking us for tongue prints in the future, it’s still interesting to think about!

Blinking Counts as a Mini Nap

We don’t agree with the fact but it is true all the same, blinking counts as a micro-nap! Our brain relaxes when we close our eyes, thus allowing us to feel simultaneously more focused and rejuvenated. If you are fighting sleep or struggling to stay awake… just try blinking more, we guess!

You Literally Can’t Tickle Yourself

Are you prone to laughter when people try to tickle you? Does the lightest touch make you burst into a giggle fit? Try tickling yourself, this time! Notice something different? According to research, our brains won’t allow us to tickle ourselves. This is because our cerebellum can predict where our hands are going, thus dulling the tickling sensation.

Toilet Paper Replaced … Corn Cobs

Can you imagine living in a world where instead of toilet paper, you reached for a corn cob? According to our peers from the past, that’s exactly what ended up happening. We are pretty alright with moving beyond corn and toward the world of traditional toilet paper.

What Is This Flap For

A lot of fabric out their are rough and don’t allow too much breathability. The flap on women’s underwear is called a “gusset.” The gusset is a pocket that is sewed on to add comfort to the underwear.

Ice Pops Were An Accidental Invention (By Children!)

Who doesn’t love frozen sugary treats? Well, an 11-year-old child in 1905 can be thanked for our summers of yummy deserts. Young Frank Epperson would leave water and baking soda in a mixture overnight outside with a spoon still in the cup. Overnight, the mixture would freeze and the child would find a delicious snack waiting for him.

The Tongue of a Blue Whale Weighs HOW MUCH?

The Blue Whale is the largest creature that we know currently graces our planet. This massive creature doesn’t sport just a behemoth of a body, it also has a tongue that weighs more than an elephant! It’s true! The heart of a Blue Whale also weighs more than a ton, beating every ten seconds or so.

Our Bones are Stronger Than Steel (As Adults!)

If you’ve never broken a bone, you are pretty lucky. As it turns out, luck might not have everything to do with it! According to scientific research, adult bones that are fully formed can resist significantly more stress than we realize. The strongest bone in our body is the femur, found in the thigh, which can handle up to 30x the weight of a normal human.

Crying as An Emotional Response is Unique to Humanity

The act of crying runs rampant throughout the animal kingdom. A physical act that serves to lubricate eyes, crying is more practical than emotional — except for in human beings. We are the only species to cry as an emotional response to situations as they are presented to us. Is this a gift? A curse? Who knows!


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