18 Easy Life Hacks Designed to Keep You Comfortable While Travelling!

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Traveling the world can be as exciting as it is invigorating. Whether you are heading to the Bahamas for a vacation or to Boston for a business conference, you will want to ensure a comfortable trip. When you leave home behind for a trip, it can be hard to get comfortable and cozy in your hotel room. Today, we are going to be showcasing 18 simple and easy life hacks that are designed to keep you comfortable while traveling

Are you ready to upgrade your next vacation? Let’s dig into these game-changing life hacks!

Free Water in Every Airport

We all know that we can’t bring giant bottles of liquid into an airport. This means that we have to purchase our drinks from the overpriced kiosks. Sounds fair? Not really. Instead of paying for overpriced water, pack an empty water bottle for your next flight. Once you are past security, fill your water bottle at one of the water purifying fountains that can be found throughout airports everywhere.

Trust Your Concierge — But Verify

Concierge services can be one of the best sources of information while you are traveling. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t simply trust your concierge. Did you know that many hotels partner with local businesses to bounce customers back and forth? The next time your concierge suggests a local restaurant, consider asking if they have some sort of partnership. 

Avoid Jet Lag With a Quick Jog

If you’ve just gotten off of a long flight, your first thought is likely to catch some sleep at the hotel room. Unfortunately, this might be the wrong choice if you don’t want to end up completely jeg-lagged! In order to offset potential issues pertaining to jetlag, you should consider working out after arriving at your hotel. A bit of exercise will help you fall asleep at a regular time.

Coins in the Sink For a Quick Cleaning Hack

One of the worst things about traveling is the lack of access to laundry. If you can’t afford to have your clothing cleaned professionally by the hotel you are staying at, simply grab a plastic bag and some spare change. You can quickly plug the sink in your bathroom with the coins and plastic bag. This will allow you to fill the sink with hot water and soap before washing your clothing on your own.

Get Cheaper Flights From Your Home Computer

Traveling by plane is one of the most convenient (and expensive) modes of transportation. With that being said, flights are still the premier way to get to where you need to go. If you are tired of breaking your bank on airfare, consider browsing for tickets while using your browser’s Incognito Mode. Private browsing avoids website cookies that can lead to boosted ticket prices.

Ask For the Secret Hotel Room

Did you know that every hotel will have a selection of rooms that are kept off of the books? These rooms are typically unsold or unused hotel rooms that have lost a recent reservation. These rooms are not advertised and are typically kept as a backup option for emergency situations. If you want a discounted room, ask for one of the off-menu rooms!

Keep Your Hotel Room DARK

There is no way that you can get a good night’s rest when the hotel windows are streaming sunlight into your eyes. In order to make your hotel room blissfully dark, consider using a clothing hanger to keep the blinds shut. You can use a plastic or metal pants hanger to clip the fabric shut. Crank the air conditioning up and you are looking at a good night’s rest!

Use a Gift Card to Keep Your Hotel Door Unlocked

It can get frustrating having to remember your hotel key card every time that you leave the room. If you are tired of constantly checking your pockets for your room card, consider keeping a gift card handy. Most electronic room locks can be kept unlocked by just about any gift card that you have. Keep in mind, these cards won’t unlock your room, but they will prevent your door from locking.

Charge Devices With the Television

Most modern televisions have a USB docking station to connect multimedia devices. While the USB port is mostly used for video games, you can use it for charging your devices. Your television can charge anything that operates with a USB cable. Keep in mind that charging times may vary based on the device that you are using.

Carry A ‘Dummy’ Wallet While Traveling

Does the idea of losing your wallet leave you trembling with dread? While nobody likes to consider losing their wallet, you should be aware of the possibility while traveling. Carry a spare wallet with you while you travel so that you can have a decoy. Who knows when a decoy wallet can come in handy?

Email Yourself A Copy Of Your Passport

The only thing worse than losing your wallet is losing your passport. If you are traveling outside of your home country, make sure to email yourself a scanned copy of your passport. You never know when you will need to have this documentation, so make sure that you have it backed up digitally as well as physically.

Waterproof Your Luggage With a Trashbag

If you are traveling in rougher territories, you might want to consider waterproofing your luggage. While expensive waterproof luggage exists, you can get the job done without breaking the bank at all. Simply line your luggage with a bin liner before packing your possessions. This way even if water leaks in, your stuff will be protected.

Soften The Noise of a Loud Hotel Door

Is there anything worse than a slamming door waking you up in the morning? It is hard to enjoy your vacation when every time the door opens, your whole bed seems to shake. In order to soften the sound of a slamming door, consider hooking a rubber band around the doorknob on each side of the door. The rubber band will cushion your door as it shuts, finally giving you peace and quiet.

Avoid Putting Your Bags on the Bed

Luggage in a hotel room

While we are sure that many hotels do their best to provide a clean and sanitary environment, they aren’t perfect. One of the biggest traveling concerns you’ll run into is bed bugs. Bed bugs can move from the bed to your luggage in the blink of an eye. Never place your luggage on the bed in your hotel room.

Use Your Door as A Bottle Opener

Everybody knows that drinking is part and parcel of the hotel room experience. If you are having a couple of drinks with friends in your hotel room, look to the front door for a convenient bottle opener. Merely reach over your head and use the metal locking mechanism to brace your bottle. A quick twist and pull will have your beer open and ready to consume. Be careful, however, as this is a great way to spill beer everywhere.

Protect Yourself From Remote Control Germs

When you walk into your hotel room, what item do you think is the dirtiest? If you are considering the likelihood of germs, your television’s remote control is impossible to ignore. The remote control is likely the most germ-riddled piece of plastic in your room. Carry plastic ZipLoc bags with you while you travel to ensure that you can keep your hands clean. Place your remote control in the bag while you operate the remote.

Get Special Care For Your Bags With a ‘Fragile’ Tag

Traveling by air can be comfortable for you but incredibly uncomfortable for your luggage. We don’t have to tell you that airlines aren’t exactly careful with our bags, so what can you do? The best way to make sure your bags arrive in one piece is by labeling them with a Fragile Bag tag. While this doesn’t guarantee special care for your baggage, it certainly can help. 

Never Leave Your Keys Behind

There are three things we never leave our room without: our keys, wallet, and phone. When it comes to traveling, you literally can’t afford to leave any of these items behind. If you tend to forget things at your hotel room, consider attaching your keys to your phone’s charging cable via a lanyard. By employing this technique, you literally cannot leave behind anything important.


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