The Mysterious WWII Ghost Bomber That Landed Itself

World War II fundamentally changed the landscape of the planet forever. Entire generations were lost to warm, famine, and disease. Great heroes rose from the ashes in order to fundamentally save the world in one of the most important conflicts of all time. While these points have all been broadly emphasized by history, there are also mysterious events that occurred, as well. WWII was a war fought on the ground, in the seas, and in the sky. It is to the sky that we turn our attention. Today, we are talking about the B-17 Ghost Bomber that landed itself, baffling humanity for all time.

An Unscheduled Visit


It was November 23rd, 1944 in Cortonburg, Belgium. At an allied airbase, soldiers were stunned when an unscheduled aircraft cut through their airwaves. The craft was an American B-17G, a bomber. The plane was focusing in on a trio of anti-aircraft guns and for all obvious intents and purpose, it appeared that the plane was going to crash.