20 Declassified Photos That Gave Us Goosebumps

There is nothing as interesting as looking at historical pictures. Most pictures describe the origin of technology or interesting facts many people did not realize existed. In our slideshow segment, we will document 20 photos that date back several years ago.

Most of the pictures display horrifying historical events, others funny and weird historical events. One thing is for sure; all the photos will definitely give you goosebumps. Enjoy the slideshow and get in touch with historical events and happenings you did not know of their existence.

1. Combating Pilot Fatigue, 1949


It is no secret that flying a commercial plane is tiring now imagine flying a combat plane. To assist pilots in fighting off the fatigue in 1949, they built a strange contraption to help relieve fatigue from pilots flying combat plane. However, the funny thing about the fatigue reliever contraption, it looked like it just added more strain than relieve it.
Maybe it did help them so who are we to judge.